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I woke up. Feeling groggy, I went to take my pills. Being the way my brain was, I needed pills to function. I see things, but others don’t see them. These things, they are right in front of my face, but they are not visible to other people. I could not find my pills, I looked everywhere, even in my drug stash. They were not there. Wait, I sold them to Angelo. Well, remembering this, I need to go to the drug store. I walked down the street. Right in front of me there was a man. But he was not walking, he was floating. I darted back inside my house and grabbed my gun. It was my prized possession, a Winchester 1894. I then saw the man again, this time he said something. “Go to Parliament Hill and kill someone.” the mysterious man said. “No, it is …show more content…

He was chasing me. This man was fast, my wheels were no match for his floating. I drove for at least an hour. I think this thing got me where he wanted me, right at Parliament Hill. I jumped into a different car. I know this is classified stealing, but I needed to. Maybe, just maybe the cast of the deceased soldiers would drive this man away. It’s the best idea I have. I hurriedly drove towards the simulacrum. When I asked to join the terrorist group, they said I had to do a truly terrible act and get away with it. I think this was the moment. I sped to the war memorial and noticed there was only one soldier standing guard. This is the perfect opportunity I thought as I shot him. The butchery was so amazing. Now to the average person this would be crazy, but the fact that one bullet could do this to a person's head. One by one the police started arriving at the scene.I knew that I could over power one cop but not anymore. I hit the gas in the car and took off. They were following me, I did not know what to do. Wait, think about the movies. That’s it, take someone hostage. I ran into a superstructure. I heart the police running through the door. I took cover behind a

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