Personal Narrative : A Beautiful Warm Evening

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Our Story It was late January on Sunday 25th. A lovely warm evening, out on a property in Victoria. Our friends were enjoying their night ahead of an exciting filled day to come. Tomorrow brought a fun day on the water. The boat had been packed that afternoon along with the equipment for water skiing, knee boarding and tubing. As this day was around the corner all three kids went to bed at 9pm to be prepared for action. As time flew by it was 10pm, the parents were still enjoying a beer on the veranda but the next couple of minutes would change their lives forever. My Mum was going to sit on the ledge, next to my Dad, Scott but missed judged the how far back the ledge went, over balanced and fell off. She fell two metres off the veranda …show more content…

Morning had come. Sheri woke me at 7am and she told me I had to get up because she had something tell me. At first I though I had broken the toilet as I just went about 15 minutes before hand. Next minute I realised my brother had been woken up as well and I was told to sit down on the couch with him. Sheri said, “There has been accident… Your Mum has fallen off the veranda.” My brother and I were shocked with fear and the thought of the unknown. The first thing I asked was “Is she still alive?” I jumped to so many conclusions in my mind. I was trying to be brave yet I still broke down into tears. Tim said, “She will be okay, she is in hospital and obviously, and your Dad went with her. We will just wait until he rings to find out more and what we are going to do.” I was in no frame of mind to be waiting around for my Dad to call. I grabbed my phone and called Dad to see what was going on. He answered and I could hear in his voice that everything was not ok. He said, “Mum is doing ok, can you please do me a favour and pack the car with all our belongings and you will come down to the hospital.” I handed the phone over to Tim and packed up all the things as quickly as possible. Tim drove us to the hospital in our car. Once we arrived we met my Dad and saw my Mum who was in the emergency department, in a neck brace and strapped to a bed to prevent any movement that could cause further injury. While we were there we got told

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