Personal Narrative: A Career As A Middle School Teacher

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As I near High School I need to begin learning more about myself and what life has to offer. In class I have been using a website called which has said a lot about me based on surveys. One of my goals for this paper is to make sure I don’t make any mistakes in life as to what I do the rest of my life. My second goal for this paper is that I learn something new about myself. Last I would like to use this paper when I fill out an application to a job or college. Survey Results
I took two surveys on, one was a Basic Skills and one was a Career cluster survey. The Career cluster survey said tons about me and I realize that I have lots of strengths for good paying jobs. Some of
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Most people would think okay a teacher, but why middle school? I have experienced a lot of different emotions, and I feel that I could help those who are experiencing those emotions. There are many different task a middle school teacher could face. Such as behavior or teaching a difficult subject or concept. There is a very important part as being a teacher in general is protecting the students from harm such as a fire or bomb threat. I know what you are thinking, what subject? This a subject most students hate, MATH. I have always had a passion for math and I hope that one day I can share my knowledge with…show more content…
Me personally am going to make sure that doesn’t happen. I have recently and in the past have looked at colleges, but my favorite school offers exactly what I need, which is North Carolina State University. I want to receive a bachelor's degree in K-12 mathematics. This will require 4 years.

NC state is a safe school(so I hear) so I will probably live on campus. I hope to have a great roommate that I will get along with. NC state is 8,880 per year on campus. As far as payment goes I will probably pay the rent for my dorm and my parents will pay for tuition. By then I will have a job and will be able to pay for that. My parents always say it’s not about the cost it is about the education.

Most kids can’t go to college because they don’t have the money or their parents blew it.My parents made a plan where they gradually add money to my and it builds up overtime. My Grandparents have also saved for me and I have as well. My parents taught me a very valuable lesson about saving so as far as money goes I am not concerned.
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