Personal Narrative : A Lottery

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The cool fall breeze brushes against the grains of my nappy African afro; as I walk home with a lottery ticket that I found on the grazed ground. “Wow, it’s so weird and ugly” exclaims the imperfect female that was a few feet behind me. I didn’t even have to turn around to know that she was talking about me, that type of criticism happens all the time. Her giggles from the side gave me the same feeling as a man looking at me while I walk home from school… timid. I come across a set of T.V.’s that were on display, they were showing the Powerball the amount was $10 million. “What a coincidence” I thought to myself lucky me to have found a lottery ticket, I tried to understand how to play but all I knew was that if the number matches then you win. The 1st number was called and it was a 7, “AWESOME!!!” I said and then the 2nd after was the 3rd then before you know it the last number was called I looked at the ticket and to my surprise I won. I raced home as fast as I can struggling to open the door to my home from of all the excitement, “sally SALLY SALLLLLLY!!!” I blurt out, turning over to look at me from her ruffled up blankets “What child!!!” she yelled. “You won’t believe what happened today sister I won the lottery” she laughed in my face and said “please don’t get my blood rushing like that with such foolishness news” I apologized then laid the ticket on her night stand and walked out closing the door behind me. “What a day” I thought to myself as I sit on the

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