Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience With Alzheimer's Disease

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He smiled at me with tearful eyes as his pain slowly diffused away. 'Thank You Dr Duraiz!' he said. So exhausted he was, and in considerable pain, too, that he fell asleep within moments. My grandfather suffers from Alzheimer's disease and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It was a cold winter night around 3 a.m that he became agitated and started complaining of abdominal pain due to urinary retention. As my parents were discussing for him to be taken to the hospital, i stepped in. I argued against him to be taken to the hospital. Living in a small town of Pakistan has it's own disadvantages. Not having proper medical care and/or a proper medical setup. Studying at one of the best medical schools, Aga Khan Medical College, i found our city hospital to be very unhygenic and was sure that my grandfather would end up having a urinary tract infection. Instead, i went to a medical supply department and bought all the equipment needed to catheterize him. And my decision paid-off well. My grandfather did not have to go through the trouble of being transported to the hospital and it gave me memory that i will cherish my entire life. …show more content…

I would crave to understand how and why disease occurred. We lived in the same house and i was very close to them. It was no surprise that i wanted to see them in the best of health. That's where my inclination to medicine came from. As time went by i realized the importance of care along with cure. As medical professionals, we can not cure all the time but we can care all of the time. During my time at Aga Khan Hospital, i had the chance to see patients with a lot of diversity of disease and social background. I had a chance to touch their lives by not only participating in their treatment, but by sharing their concerns. I witnessed half of their troubles evanesce by a kind word and offering them insight about their disease and

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