Personal Narrative: Advanced Individual Training

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“Babe, I think we need to talk,” Tyler’s face was serious, “it’s about us and our future.” He took my hand and led me towards the couch.

“I’m in the Army, not the part where I get shipped off to foreign countries, but the Army Reserve. I’ll leave for basic training and Advanced Individual Training and then come home for good. The only thing I have to do is drill, which is just meeting with my unit for one weekend out of the month. Then two weeks of every year I would go for a refresher course to a base in the US.” Tyler blurted out, hoping to get everything out before Brittany had any comments.

She sat there, blankly staring at him with a stiff posture and her mouth agape.

“What? I don’t understand? How long have you been in?” She …show more content…

They texted everyday and talked on the phone regularly. Brittany went to Tyler’s house more often for dinner just to spend time with his mom and family.


“Are you ready for this Brit?” Joy asks, packing the final bags into the trunk. It was already time for Tyler’s basic training graduation. His mom and dad, brothers and grandma were all heading down. Brittany was joining the posse, Joy extending an offer to come along a month ago.

“Yep, I'm all packed and ready to roll. I'm just excited to get to him and be with him again.” Brittany said jumping into the back seat.

The group was finally ready to hit the road. They all were holding in excited energy as the time got closer to see Tyler. The fifteen hour drive seemed to fly by. Before any of them knew it they had arrived at Fort Jackson, South …show more content…

He threw the car in park and hopped out to stretch his legs.

The family had an hour before they could go into the stands for the Family Day ceremony. They all could feel the anxious air around them. Multiple families were there too, all waiting in line at the front gates.

When the time came for the gates to be open, it was like a mad rush to get a good seat on the bleachers.


Once the ceremony end, each section was let out one at a time to go find their loved one. The family sent Brittany to go get Tyler, the rest of them staying back so they wouldn’t get lost.

She was walking through the sections on his company, then she stopped dead in her tracks. Tyler had grown a couple inches taller, broadened in the shoulders, and thickened in the arms. At first, she didn’t recognize them, but once she did she ran to him. Brittany jumped into his arms and they hugged for awhile. Neither one of them wanting to let go.

“Hey there shortcake, how are you?” He asked setting her down on the ground.

“Better now that I’m with you” she responded, a wide grin across her face.

“I love you so much!”

“I love you to

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