Personal Narrative-Championship Game

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Championship Game
Tweet, tweet. The other teams players, tapped the ball, beginning the game. An interception, on the First Lutheran School girls soccer teams behalf. Dribble dribble, pass, dribble, shoot, smiss, repeat. Back and forth, like an unchoreographed dance.
I run up and down the field of Rolling Hill Prep School, receiving the ball now and then. I became uneasy at the many wide opportunities that the other team barely missed. They have nearly scored five times now, indicating that we are required to step up our game. By doing that we should be capable to win this.
Proving me wrong, the whistle shrieked. The other team scored. Raising my head, I shout words of inspiration at my team.
"It's all right guys we will get it back, it's …show more content…

"Hey don't worry about it," I tell her. "It's only one goal, we got this."
I too had my apprehensions, but I forced those distractions to the back of my mind. I fixated on the game. This might be, my last game for a while. I had been considering putting an end to playing soccer. If this turned out to be my last game, I would like to at least win it all.
Back and forth, back and forth. The game continued on as expected. Then hope soared through the crowd. Alina and Keira almost scored. Alina to Keira, again to Alina. She fired the ball towards the net. The goalie was there to divert it. I got my foot on the rebound, blasting it over the net. The crowd groaned as did I.
"Crackers!" I exclaimed, causing my team utter a light giggle.
After more running up and down the field, more blistering kicks, and more near goals, we managed to almost scored many times. Never getting the ball to the back of the net. The whole team tried since we were constantly down on subs. Everyone had invested everything we had into getting here. We would not give up this easy.
After a lengthy time of rough action, the referee called halftime. We scrambled off the field, to consume our waters. Refreshed and ready to play, we listened to the coaches …show more content…

It sored towards the goal, then higher and higher. Then over the net and the fence. The school had put a tall fence to prevent player form kicking the ball over the fence. I proved their fence to be at fault. It went over into the parking lot. The coach shouted at me, “HOME RUN!” The team laughed. We got a new ball and continued play.
There was 13 minutes left we were apprehensive, pushing the ball up keeping the pressure up. Keira dribbled up, passing it to Olivia, to Sydney, then to me. I took aim, and fried it as hard as I could towards the net. It looked like it would repeat and go over. At the last second it curved down, into the net.
The crowd cheered, we did it. We tied it back up. The level of pressure went up, fighting to not let any goals in. I wasn’t worried, for me and the Falcons had faith in our unstoppable goalie, Troi.
The referee blew the whistle signaling we would go into overtime. Both teams were scoreless during both overtime periods. Finally it was time for penalty

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