Personal Narrative: Christopher Hitchen

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Capitalism Downfall! Those words above were Christopher Hitchen’s last utterances from a life dedicated in pursuit of truth, a truly colorful life where he used words and cheekily naughty charm as his foremost weapons. These two words set me thinking as to what he might have been thinking on those waning moments of an exemplary life. So a fine June morning i set about on a quest to understand more about why he has come to grip my attention like no other person. And why I was feeling this unrivaled kinship with this cigarette chewing whisky loving Brit. I would not dare to call myself a very well read person though I read quite a lot. Most of my reading has been very random, on a wide variety of subjects since childhood. So the English language …show more content…

Christopher’s critique of Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was well entrenched in my girlfriends mind and me being a non believer type, it was during one such discussion regarding religion, morality and stuff like that. Ann mentioned Christopher and there it started.
I met Ann during my stint in Kuwait working for a small trading company with an unusually skewed expense to income ratio. We were just 60 strong and the company had a turnover in excess of 100 million USD an year. I had joined the place recommended by a friend of my father’s. Our business back in India had gone or was in the process of going bust during the time of my exit.
Anyway so I was in Kuwait, had left behind my family which included my Mom and Dad, a wife and two little kids to work as a typist (official title sales coordinator) . It was a period of great upheaval in my life, when I think of it; the upheavals had been going on for some time. But the stint away from home, being completely dependent on my own self for everything changed something in me in fact, everything in me. I could no longer claim I had any resemblance to the person who first set foot on that dry and unforgiving desert

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