Personal Narrative: Confidence Shapes Who You Are

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Confidence shapes who you are At my old school, I was always the shy kid in the class, which meant that the teachers would just ignore me because I wouldn’t cause any trouble. I would always be scared to raise my hand in fear that I would say something stupid and embarrass myself in front of the whole class. But the worst thing was that I was WAY ahead of my class. I would always finish at least 15 min before anyone else, but since I never raised my hand or spoke up I would just sit in my desk as bored as can be. After a while, I learned the reason that I was too scared was because I did not have enough confidence. Since then I have always made sure to have confidence. I think it is the most important virtue to have. Since I was a …show more content…

Something I regret doing is quitting dance. Dance was my get away spot where I could be myself, but sadly after 7 months of dance, we were told there would be a recital at the end of the year in front of all the parents. There really would have only been like 20 parents but as soon as I thought of a stage I felt really scared. So I quite dance so that I did not have to go onto a horrible stage and make a fool of myself. The other thing I wish I did was join choir. I had a really good voice in second grade but I was always scared everyone would laugh at me. After I joined Westmount the teachers started to pay attention to me and I started to gain more confidence. I wasn’t afraid to make a fool of myself I just discovered the I am a weird kid and I had to embrace that. Everyone was so nice at Westmount that I did not have to be scared to go up to someone and say hi because I always knew they would at least say hi back. Eventually, I started to find my fellow weird people and all of us would hang out not afraid to be ourselves. I rejoined dance and have gotten 4 medals from it. I managed to do this all because I started to find my confidence

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