Personal Narrative Essay: A Day At The Union Fair

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The Fair Five years ago at the age of 9, I had just started showing sheep at the Union fair. I named my first lamb Cupcake, I did not know a lot about how to show a lamb, but I tried. For my first show, I received fourth place out of eight lambs, most of these 4-Her’s had showed before. My uncle was very proud of me, when I received fourth place in my class. A week later, I was off to the New Haven Fair and I achieved third place out of ten lambs. About a month later, I was headed to Washington Town and Country Fair. On Thursday, I received ninth place out of ten lambs in my class. A couple of days later on a Saturday, we had to sell our animals. I sold her to a company named Ck Cranes. Once, he had bought my lamb, we took pictures. My…show more content…
I purchased another wether and named him Alex. Alex was the best lamb that I had so far. He halter broke every easily. We didn’t go to the Union Fair this year. The two fair were on the same day, so decided to go with New Haven, I received fourth place. Three weeks later we were off to the Washington Town and Country Fair. I received fourth place in my class. A few days later, on a Saturday we had to sell him. I was up towards the front of the line to sell. The same lady that bought my lamb for the last year was: Sandy Stierberger. I was so happy that she bought my lamb that we took lots more pictures than…show more content…
There names were Toby and Keith, We had some trouble halter breaking these two and at the fairs were really hard too, they thought they couldn’t be separated. We did good that the New Haven Fair, I placed third in class with Toby and Fourth in class with Keith. They both were in different classes so that worked out well for me. Next was the big discussion, I had to pick which one I was taking the the Washington Town and Country Fair. I choose Keith for this fair. I had to say my goodbyes to Toby because the farm we originally purchased him from needed a market, so they purchased him back. We got lucky because I broke even with that sale. Keith placed fourth out of six lambs in class. Next was the auction, we sold him to an old buyer: Sandy Stierberger, she came back this year. I was very excited to see her
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