Personal Narrative Essay: How I Receive My Violin

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I obtained my violin three years ago, almost four now, I had the impression I would ever play my violin correctly, when I first put the bow on the strings, I dropped the bow, I hoped I did not fracture or break anything on it, I regained my grip on the bow, and I attempted it again, and I was able to play it but, it sounded horrid . The ear-piercing screech of the stings when the bow touched them disturbed me greatly. I set the violin down on the table and let my older sister try it, she didn't play grandly, but she played more desirable than I, "I can’t pull it off! I'll never be good enough!" I screamed. I went to my room, slammed the door and refused to come out and take my violin back. Sometime later I got tired of my room and decided

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