Personal Narrative: March Of The Penguins

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It had happened daily, almost like clockwork. Screams so loud it made my ears ache. The crash of whatever was in an arm's reach being thrown at walls. Those poor walls had seen more beatings than I ever have or would. As they were in their own violence and hate filled world, I stood up from my seat on the floor, my body trembling, I closed my tear filled eyes as I closed their door so I would not see their bared teeth. I now stood back in front of the tv and my tiny toothpick legs buckled under me. I curled up in my fluffy gray blanket and held my stuffed puppy dog up to my face. I whispered to him “It’s okay” as if he could hear me and dried my tear streaked cheeks with his ragged ears.

While the monsters were out and about dealing with their evil copies, Cass and I would be left peacefully at home. I was about 5 and she was 16. My teeth were still crooked, not all baby ones were lost. My hair in an unruly whirl on top of my head only my sister could tame. She was usually on the couch doing her high school homeworks and I would be in my spot in front of the tv watching the movie I watched everyday. She always turned the subtitles on for me just in case she needed it a bit more quiet. The movie was a documentary called March of the Penguins narrated by Morgan Freeman. I had watched that movie so many times I had the script memorized.

One day, Cass was not home to take me to her room and cover my ears as the monsters roared their terrifying threats at each other. I was

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