Personal Narrative Essay : My Trip To California

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Last year around April, my cousin called and told us that she was getting married. Since weddings aren’t really my thing, I wasn’t excited for this wedding at all. It wasn’t until my mom mentioned tickets that I realized we were going to California. I was ecstatic. I told my friend about everything I wanted to do there, I planned our trip out day by day, and starting of thinking about what I needed to pack. You’re probably wondering why I was so excited about going to California, well, I have a few reasons why. Although we had just went to California in October, I was still overjoyed to see my family again. I only get to celebrate holidays with my mom, stepdad, sister, sister’s fiance, and brother. Everyone else in my family lives outside of Wisconsin, so when I get to see them it’s superb. So that’s one of my reasons for wanting to go to California- family. My second reason for wishing to go is that it’s my dream to live in California. My mom always tries to convince me that Wisconsin is better than California, and I don’t doubt that. Actually, I know Wisconsin is better than California, because it’s safer, cheaper, and calmer, but frankly I could care less about those things. I enjoy the rush of California, the people constantly moving, always going somewhere, never stopping to just take a breath and look around, always rushing from one place to another. That’s why I love California, even though it has its flaws.
It felt like forever for July to come, and they kept

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