Personal Narrative Essay Of A Baseball Team

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I’m sure you’ve been told persistence is key, and believe that you can do something, not that you can’t. Well I’m not going to show it to you, or tell you, I’m going to prove it to you. The summer after 4th grade year, our baseball team had the greatest summer ever. At the beginning of the season since their was so many kids at our age group that wanted to play, the adults in charge had to split it up into 3 teams. All 3 teams had fair or average seasons. My team had the best of the 3, but it wasn’t quite good enough. We had had, just enough success, not as much as we would have liked. We found ourselves barely sneaking into the tournament as the worst out of 8 seeded teams. We had to play against the undefeated Watertown team in the first round. We were told we had no chance to win, and we believed that too. The most I’ve ever been wrong in my life was saying, “we have no chance to beat them.” Going into that game we had convinced ourselves that we had already lost before it even started. We were about as flat as a tabletop. While warming up we were pretty much just waiting for the game to end, so that we could just leave and just call it a year!” Once the game actually started something just clicked. We …show more content…

They came in with pretty high hopes, and lots of confidence. But, the amount of cockiness they showed only added to our cockiness as well. Much like a chess match the mind games before the game even started was a whole game of its own. We won both the baseball game, and the chess match I might add. We took care of business from the opening pitch. GSL had brought everything they had, but it just wasn’t enough. This left us as the only unbeaten team left. Only 4 teams left in total, us, GSL, Maple Lake, and of course Watertown. Winning the first 3 games was quite the obstacle, but we overcame it, easier than it should have been. The biggest obstacle had yet to be sprung upon us. Our next game was just

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