Personal Narrative Essay : Softball : My Life Of Softball

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The crack of a bat, the whistle in the wind. This ginormous yellow orb flies through the sky at a rate faster then comprehending. The rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins. The fire in your eyes ready to implode. Softball is an experience I will never forget. For twelve years this was my life. I was born and raised in the Indianapolis area up until age thirteen. We lived in one house for thirteen years, seems like a lifetime. The walls full of secrets, the carpet full of mistakes. When I was about five years old my parents signed me up for tee ball. At the time, I wasn’t very skilled nor knew nothing about anything. As a toddler you learn to cry and get your way, but I was easy to grow out of that. By age ten, I was rolling around in the dirt at the softball diamonds, or as my father likes to call it “picking daisies.” In 2011, I became more serious than ever in the sport I loved. I played for the Ben Davis Recreation League, and felt like I was a professional. Our season had just started a few weeks before and this was probably our third game. I remember this game just as it was yesterday. The air was crisp and cool, the leaves were bright yellow. It was a perfect day for a softball game. Being the home team, we were on the field first. I took third base as my usual position and three outs came and went faster than you would’ve thought. It was now time to take the batting position, I was in the middle of the lineup. When I came up to bat, I was struck by a ball

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