Personal Narrative Essay: The Song I Was The 1975

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The 1975 I remember the first time I truly heard music. It was during the spring break of my freshman year. My friend had invited me to accompany she and her dad to Texas for the weekend and, surprisingly, my mom let me go. I knew the ride was going to be long and boring; this was confirmed when after only thirty minutes my friend fell asleep and I was left alone with my thoughts. I figured I should join in on her slumber and decided that music would help me fall asleep. I clicked on my usual Pandora station expecting to hear songs that the app frequently shuffles through, but instead I was pleasantly surprised to hear a new song by an unfamiliar band. The title of the song was “Girls.” The band was The 1975. It instantly reeled me in with it’s quirky introduction in which you hear a soda can being opened. The transition from an upbeat tempo to a slower, smoother verse made my heart skip a beat. The lead singer who I would later come to know as Matty Healy’s unique voice echoed through my headphones. As he sang lyrics like …show more content…

I was slightly afraid to choose another song by the band to play. What if it didn’t move me the way Girls did? What if the group was simply a one hit wonder? Eventually I found that this was absolutely not the case. Following my discovery of “Girls” I listened to “Heart Out” which featured equally poignant lyrics, for instance, “ You got something to say? Why don’t you speak it out loud instead of living in your head?” The jazz feel of the song was very different from the indie pop sound of “Girls” but the band made it work by using a velvety saxophone solo that made my heart melt. From then on out all I listened to was The 1975. When I was walking home from the bus stop, when I had free time in class, when I was doing homework I was listening the my new favorite

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