Personal Narrative : Friends And Family Extroversion

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Friends and Family Extroversion: I utilize the traits of extroversion with my friends and family by being an extremely social person. I am very easy for people to get to know. I am not closed-off and detached like introverts. I am a very open-minded person, and am willing to express my feeling, thoughts and desires without hesitation. I am an extremely approachable person, I am the first one at a social gathering to go and introduce myself to others. I am also a huge component of small talking when first meeting someone, it is a way that can help you start to build a relationship with others. In the end I do not have to come best friends with the person, but being able to network myself, and build acquaintances will help me not only in my personal life but in my professional career as well. Finally, as an extrovert I use social setting as a means of energy for myself. I am always up to going to social gathering, and group outings and the more people the better. My mom used to work for the Erie County Health Department, and part of her job would be going to health fairs, and other events. She travelled all over Erie and Niagara Counties, when I was younger I was always dragged with her. Every year we went to the Erie County Fair, and as an 9-10 year old I had no other option then introducing myself and talking to people. I think this is where I got my ability to openly go up and talk to people.

Friends and Family Trustworthiness: The way I utilize trustworthiness in

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