Personal Narrative-Homeless?

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A burning sensation reverberated throughout my body, creeping up my spine and clenching the insides of my body. I tried twisting out of the bush but it was no use. The branches around me had engulfed me, leaving me to dry out in the scorching sunlight. Several months being stuck in the golden meadows under a suffocating sky of perfect blue was smothering me. The curse made me weak, I lost consciousness many times and having only one leg made from wood was useless. I closed my heavy eyelids and waited for another indistinguishable day to pass by.
The sound of light footsteps approaching; ploughing through the rustling leaves; awoke me. I opened my eyes to find two cold hands tugging at the bottom of me. I was startled when they managed to yank me free. The cascading golden fields stretched out over the horizon and amidst it all, I saw an old woman whose soft hazelnut eyes crinkled into a colourless expression. She wore a dark mauve shawl that hung over her broad shoulders, showing off her light purple gown. …show more content…

She spoke another few words to me; but my mind was more focused on her sweet caramel coloured eyes.
“You know you don’t seem like the one to talk,” she stated.
She slowly turned around and began limping back up the mountainous terrain. I couldn’t bear to watch this kind old lady begin a dangerous journey without someone or something accompanying her. My instinct was to help her, I searched for the nearest stick that was around her waist height. I found a branch that was the perfect size for her and quickly followed the trail of semi-crunchy squashed leaves that she had left behind. I hopped around her, stopping her in the middle of her pathway and gave her the stick.
“Thank you, this cane is perfect! It’s just what I need,” she

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