Personal Narrative: Human Creation Vs. Evolution

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Freshman year of high-school was a far different learning environment than the school I attended prior. Public high-school students have vast ethnic backgrounds, and personalities that I had never been with. Before high-school I was a student at the small Catholic school called Cathedral. For the most part my friends had the same or similar ethnic backgrounds that I had, and we all shared the same religion of Catholicism. Going into Ninth grade I was -albeit a little naive- and amazed at how many differing religious backgrounds and ethnicities all the students had, however I was greatly surprised when someone spoke out on how they thought their religious belief was right, and others were wrong.
In my freshman biology class I made a few friends and acquaintances. Among them, was the first atheist I’ve met; We’ll call him Bob. When the topic of human creation and evolution came up in class my teacher explained it is important …show more content…

What I heard did not challenge me in a insulting way, but rather a mental light bulb went off. Having seen someone in my class publicly passionately talk bad about what I had been spoon-fed for so long to be sacred was baffling. That night I thought about what I heard and I still couldn’t believe someone would say these things. I guess it was then I subconsciously tried to prove to myself my beliefs were not some “fairytale.” Quickly I would realize I couldn’t answer my own questions, and thus further sank my own doubt that was beginning to well up. Today I am still in the same boat I was in that same night four years ago. As much as I would like to believe the Bible’s stories and passages to be real, I still haven’t decided if I think they are. Quite frankly, I’ll bet it will be a very long time until I have reached my conclusion. I’m always one for proving myself wrong, but right now there is way too much anguish and suffering in this world for me to believe in a peaceful, happy ever

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