Personal Narrative: I Am A Palestinian

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our loud booms echo throughout the stone house. “Open the door!” a man would yell. Five kids and the parents quickly run over to the door. The father opens the door while the kids and the wife peek over his shoulder and legs. An intimidating IDF soldier roars, “We are taking over your house and you must leave within the night. If you refuse you will be jailed and/or your house will be demolished with you in it or not.” The family is forced to leave within the night in the fear that their lives would end. This is common in Palestine: Israeli soldiers taking occupied land. Palestinians that experience this take their ID’s and official documents with them. Barely anytime is left to the family to pack their belongings. I am a Palestinian, and even though I haven’t dealt with this firsthand, my parents and grandparents have dealt with this. …show more content…

A fire could start in my house while all of my money and clothes could burn away as I struggled to leave; a nuclear fallout could occur and I wouldn’t have much time to pack. If I was ever in a situation where I needed to leave my home immediately, I would remember what my family has gone through. I would want the thought of Palestine to resonate in my mind as a means to motivate me. I could only accomplish this by taking with me a necklace: a thin polyester cord holds a metal pendant in the shape of Palestine. The flag of Palestine is painted on the front; a red triangle starts at the top and three strips of green, white, and black stream to the bottom of the pendant. The back has extruded names of Palestinian cities written in

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