Personal Narrative: I Grew Up In The Middle East

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I grew up in the middle east. In the middle east, the public schools doesn’t allow mixture of the two genders. In other words, there is a school for boys and a school about a mile away for girls. Then all of a sudden I’m here in America. Different culture, school systems and everything. So far I’ve only been here for about 2 months and yesterday, Jan 5th 2016, I received my first kiss.

I met this girl one week after I’ve settled here. We started a conversation during class and I happen to be a very funny person. So she was laughing throughout the whole class period. Ever since we sat together during that class and during lunch. We became good friends. Outside of school, we sometimes hang out. It started with her on a random day when she texted …show more content…

We saw each other and went to our class where we sat while the teacher put on a movie and held hands. Then we had lunch together. At lunch she didn’t feel well and took off for some water, I’m guessing. Then I got up looking for her. I saw her coming back. I went to her and asked “Are you Ok?” She hugged me. “Does that means Yes” I asked. She nodded No and wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong. I took her back to the table where we were eating. Then she said “I have to tell you something, but not here” I got nervous. She took me to an excluded area. “You got my attention” I said shaking. She told me that she might have surgery. And I started shaking more and I said “I’m sorry, I’m just very nervous right now.” She said laughing “I’m the one having the operation!” I hugged her, told her it’s going to be all right and we were close to each other faces, a bit too close. I was staring at her blue eyes and she was staring at my lips smiling in silence… And she went for it. In my mind I’m saying “Oh my God she’s kissing me!” after the kiss I told her “That was my first kiss ever.” She smiled “How does it feel?” I replied “Every kiss begins with K” She laughed. So I’m playing it all cool but after lunch was over and we went to our separate classes, I freaked out! “Oh my God a girl just kissed me!” I was shaking, heart beating like a hammer, disy and breathing heavily. I felt that way for the rest of that day. I was asking myself “Why do I feel this way? Isn’t a kiss what you always wanted? Or maybe cause it’s my first one?” But you know what, I’m still new here to America and got a kiss in only my first two months. I realized that I’m just not ready yet… That’s what I told

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