Personal Narrative: Intimidating Immigration

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Intimidating Immigration
As I walked into the classroom all the kids were staring at mewith every kid staring at me, I thought, “Why didn’t I stop myself from coming to America?”
“We are moving to America!” my parents announced at the family meeting. My face started to heat up from anger. I didn’t want to leave my friends and the area that I grew up in. Saying goodbye to my friends was really difficult for me, but it was even harder to be the only non-English speaking student in Cupertino, California. Even though I am a shy person, I tried my best to communicate withto my teacher and my classmates, but I couldn’t express my thoughts in a whole new language. All of the frustration and stress caused me to cry, both at home and in my class. …show more content…

One time, I went to Costco with my family to go grocery shopping. While my parents were at the meat section, I found an employee giving out mac n cheese samples. Eagerly, I snatched the last sample and stuffed it in my mouth. At the same time, I noticed my dad was apologizing in broken English to the group of people behind me. When I turned around, I noticed a long line waiting for the samples. I had eaten the last mac n cheese sample. I felt my face turning red from embarrassment. As my dad pulled me away he comforted me, but I could not forget about what had just happened This experience taught me a lesson to learn English and familiarize myself to the American Culture.
When I just couldn't learn English by myself I gave up on myself. But the next thing that happened to me was three Korean girls came up to me and ask me what my name was. in korean. I was so surprised that they can talk in Korean. I thought everyone speaks

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