Personal Narrative: Moving To America

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Even though it hasn’t been a long time since our family has moved to America, it feels like a lifetime ago. I can barely remember the days of walking around barefoot and only having a small piece of bread to eat, while here everyone has shoes to wear and eats pasta multiple times a week. How my life has changed in such a short time. Everyone and everything moves at such fast pace here, if one blinks they can miss a lifetime. Back in Sicily, the days drug on while everyone went through the motions of their days on the farm. There are many differences between Sicily and here in America, but the first time I laid my eyes on the Statue of Liberty, I knew I was meant to be an American. To get to America, we had to ride in the bottom of a ship with …show more content…

After our long, miserable ship ride, we were dropped off at Ellis Island where we were herded like cattle. We were inspected head to toe, and asked so many questions. Nurses pinched, pulled, and probed all over, and my little sister sobbed the entire time. My poor mother barely passed the medical inspections since she caught an awful cough and lost so much weight on the ship. There were tears in all of our eyes when we were greeted by my father and brothers when we were finally cleared to enter America. I believe my mother and I aged three years in only a month’s journey, but my father and brothers had different look to them, tired, but also happy and …show more content…

There was so much going on around me; people were everywhere and so many shops and restaurants on every street. Suddenly we came up on a big group of people with one leader yelling and the rest cheering him on. My brothers pushed further to the front of the group, and joined in on the chanting. They seemed to be talking about working in the factories and how they needed to stand up to the rich folk that owned them. I have never such a wild group of people in public, just screaming on the streets. At first I felt a little afraid, but then the excitement of all made it feel empowering. Nothing like this would have happened in our small village in

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