Personal Narrative: My Brother

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When I was little, my brother, Kaleb and I fought all of the time. Every game of hide and go seek ended in tears, and every road trip involved mom and dad threatening to, “Pull the car over!” if we did not stop bickering. It was not until junior high when we finally started to get along. I guess we grew up a little and realized we needed each other. We were very close in age; in fact, Kaleb was just one year older than me. Therefore, we went through each year of school basically side by side. Junior high was tough for me because I did not necessarily like school, but I looked forward to going each day because I knew I could go down the hall and see my brother and all of his friends and be welcomed with open arms. Over the years Kaleb had always…show more content…
Therefore, Kaleb had his own ministry the entire time he was at training.
After I heard the boy say he would not have made it through boot camp without my brother, my perspective on Kaleb joining the marines changed entirely. Knowing that people depended on Kaleb and looked to him when they could not look to themselves gave me peace. I no longer had my brother with me all of the time, but the people who needed him did.
It was amazing to see how the Lord used Kaleb, and how He has continued to use him throughout his journey in the Marine Corps. The amount of courage Kaleb had to take that leap of faith and really trust the Lord is an encouragement to me, and should be an encouragement to everyone. Every time my family and I get the opportunity to see Kaleb it is a blessing, but saying goodbye is always hard. When Kaleb is home everything feels normal again. We have family movie night, and we go out to dinner. Eventually duty calls, and it is time to say goodbye again. They say it gets easier each time you say goodbye. I am beginning to believe that is true, because I do not think much could be harder than that first
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