Personal Narrative : My Experience In High School

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Learning something new every day seems really boring to high school students. But, looking back to when we were younger, it was very exciting for some of us. One of the roughest things I had to learn was ride a bike. I was excited to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels, so I could be like my brother and dad. The thing I didn’t know is that I would be a confident and adventurist person. I learned that doing what your parents says is the safest way to doing anything.
New things to me always scared me away, and riding a bike was no exception at all. After I changed into my brothers old racing clothes, I went outside to get on my bike. I was struggling to sit on the seat of the bike and keep it balanced. After, I finally got adjusted comfortably my dad came over and handed me a helmet. He helped me get to the end of our bumpy driveway.
When we got there, I was extremely scared. My dad had put one of his hands on the handlebars and the other underneath the seat. After a little while my dad asked, “Are you ready?”
“Yeah, I am ready,” I answered nervously.
“Alright, just remember when I let go to keep peddling. If you think you’re going to tip over then try to fall in a ditch,” said my dad.
“Okay, dad let’s do this”, I answered softly.
My dad had started to run slowly. When he had let go of the bike, I started to peddle some. After a few seconds my mind went blank when the bike had started to wobble. My dad yelled at me saying, “Jana, go towards to grass!”. I barely

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