Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Speaking Spanish

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Looking back at my early childhood filled with many events and memories, I remember one in particular when my parents taught me my native language, Spanish, by reading books to me any chance they had. Beginning at the age of 8, I would bring home a variety of books from school eager to read them and learn new words. I spent a great amount of time reading that I eventually decided to move into short novels. This helped me improve so much that I never had trouble speaking Spanish. I vividly remember in my small class of 15 students, me speaking Spanish more fluently than any of my other classmates. Proud would be an understatement. This soon changed when I began second grade in the fall of 2006 with Ms. Magaña.
What I recall the most of that
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I never told anyone about it because I thought it was something temporary, I would eventually get over it and that it wouldn’t affect me in any way. Of course I was completely, utterly wrong. It got to the point that my sister, own blood, began doing what everybody else did. We were kids back then, I’m sure she meant no harm, but it brought tears to my eyes her mockery. This experience showed me how my speaking could be judged by various people.Worst out of everything, I still couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I probably didn't take it seriously like I should've in the beginning. Instead of whining I should've made it my goal to learn and exceed in this new language. It took some time for me to got over everything. To create a new mindset of improving for the better of my education. My next step should've been done a long ass time ago, but like they say better late than never. was to finally talk to my teacher. I was going to tell her…show more content…
As soon as I got there, I saw her sitting in her desk perfectly grading papers. I made a faint knock on the door letting her know that I there. She looked up and gave me a generous smile welcoming me. Sitting down besides her I began telling her everything, from struggling to learning English to being mocked by my classmates. Embarrassed I looked down in my lap afraid of what she was going to tell me. She began by saying that there's nothing to be embarrassed about, that there are also other students who found English challenging just like me, but they were set in a different class where they got more help. After hearing what she had to say, a light bulb when off in my head. Since those kids struggle just like me why not put me in that class. Mr. Magana seemed to be in thought, her next words felt like weight being lift off my shoulders. She told me that she, herself was thinking of moving me because she saw what was happening to me.I was forever thankful for what she did for me that
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