Personal Narrative: My Family Were All In Liberia

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1. How was your childhood?
“My child was lovely… it was great!”

2. Did you grow up wealthy? Yes or No?
“No, we grew up poor.”

3. Where were you when the war began?
“ I was in Liberia.”

4. We’re was your family?
“ My family were all in Liberia.”

5. Do you feel that the war shaped you into who you are?
“ The war made me to see things differently. It actually changed the course of my career path because, before the war I wanted to become a politician and study science. During the war I saw how politician’s were being hunted and there whole family were being killed, so that one took me off my career path and made me not want to be a politician anymore. There was a witch hunt for politicians.”

6. Has the war traumatized you? …show more content…

I worked at Mystic Lake Casino as a blackjack dealer. On New
Year’s Day they had all these sounds coming out like um… explosive for new year’s celebration. I was at the table and I started to cry because I got scared heard the these popping sounds of the fireworks and the sounds sounded like guns and even up today I don't even like pooping sounds till this day it takes me back to the war.”

7. Who was against who in the war?
“ The government vs. the people.” 8. Where was the rest of your family during the war?
“ During the war me and my older sister managed to get out of the country because, we were kind of dividing so we went to Nigeria and we didn't know where our mom dad and other people were in Liberia, and we couldn't find them.”

9. Have you seen dead bodies? Yes or No?
“ I’ve so many dead bodies I don't even want to think about it and when we were trying to go to one end from another there were soldiers forcing people to take bodies off the streets, I mean that was very …show more content…

Who were you staying with when you came to the United States?
“ I was staying with my sister who moved here previously, my older sister.”

18. What was your first impression of America?
“ Okay, when I came here I thought things were gonna be easy as I thought before going back to the American dream. I thought it was bigger, had a lot of nice building but, I can say that for the people that they are not as friendly as Liberia. In Liberia you could go to neighbors houses but, here people keep alot to themselves you can’t just go to their house like Liberia. People here are more stuck up or keep more to themselves.”
19. What did you think the United States was going to be like?
“ I had a miss conception, we thought that you were gonna come not work hard and things will be okay. Then we came here and it was a shock because, if you wanted thing you had to work hard, really, really, hard and i'm still working hard doing two jobs.”

20. Name people that you miss in Liberia?
“ I miss my brothers that were left back, I miss friends that I had or who eventually came to the United States. I mostly miss the Liberian dishes, I cook here but, not as much because, we don't have the right ingredients.”

21. How many loved ones have you

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