Personal Narrative: My High School Experience

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There have been many moments in my high school career that have made me think to myself, "Wow, I really am less of a child now than I am an adult." Be it my admission into National Honors Society, or my participation in a classical vocal recital at Wheaton College where I was awarded $100 and third place out of twelve of my peers, I couldn't help but think that I was slowly easing myself into adulthood. But the one event in my life that has truly been a milestone of my passage from childhood to adulthood really didn't even happen until the beginning of my third year in high school. This event was when I was accepted into the student secondary education internship program at my school. The application process itself was extremely tasking and required a lot of work and hours put into it. Besides the several packets of paperwork I was required to fill out and submit before the end of my sophomore year, a formal audition was also required. Since I had applied to be an intern for the choir program at my school, an audition was required to assess my vocal skills and my ability to teach music and hear imperfections when someone else is singing. The audition consisted of leading the choir director in four different …show more content…

I was very excited to work with my choir director; he was very fun to work with and I had a good feeling that our teaching methods would mesh well. Unfortunately, with only a few days left of the school year, my choir director decided to seek employment elsewhere. Not only was I going to be thrust into a position of extreme leadership during my junior year; I was going to be working with a complete stranger. Someone who's vocal warmups and teaching style were a complete mystery to me. To say I was anxious about it would be an extreme

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