Personal Narrative: My Life As A College Athlete

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Looking out in the crowd, I took a quick glance at the stands to notice a bunch of college and professional baseball scouts on a muggy summer night. In my mind all I could think to myself is that these coaches determine my future due to my performance. This was the moment that I have been putting in endless hours of brutal training for, to help me fulfill my dream of playing upper level baseball. As one of the coaches called me by my last name, I walked up to the spotlight where hundreds of coaches were looking at me as if I was a piece of meat at a meat auction. It was my turn to bat and throw, I can remember my heart racing as fast as a jet and I could feel the tension building up from my toes to my neck. I have never had this feeling before, …show more content…

For me, I looked at baseball as a way to further my education because I wasn't so robust academically. My goal was to get a scholarship for baseball and try to pursue a degree in college. I made this my goal because I wanted to influence the younger generation in my home town and also playing college baseball was something I look forward to in my highschool career. However, achieving this goal was far more difficult than I imagined it would be. I experienced several obstacles and setbacks that have been difficult to overcome, but have given me valuable life lessons. Have you ever been told by people that you will never reach your goals and dreams? I can recall many of my club baseball coaches telling me that I was too small to play upper level baseball. At one of the games a fan yelled, “ Tyler, you're overrated!” If that wasn't enough, the opposing coach told me, “ Do you really think you can make it at the next level? You should be …show more content…

After we were done with all of the drills and games, I told myself, “ I busted my butt for a good four months, for a two day showcase?” I knew that it was all worth it because I felt vigorous on my performance and some of the scouts were approaching me. It wasn't until a couple of weeks later that I received a call and email from coach Yukumoto from HPU baseball. I was sitting in class talking to my friends when all of a sudden I get this email, “ Hi Tyler, we are interested in you to join our team next spring.” At this moment I was thrilled because I finally reached one of my goals and I knew that all that hard work had paid off. Thinking back to a year ago and putting myself in my shoes, I would never think that I would be playing the game I love and having the chance to further my

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