Personal Narrative: My Senior Year Of High School

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The most difficult decision I have had to make over the past two years is deciding whether or not to continue running Cross Country my senior year of high school. I have been running cross country ever since 7th grade. Initially I decided to run cross country because my dad encouraged me to run with him when I was younger. My feelings for cross country have changed through the years and that is what brought me to the point where I had to decide if this sport was for me. I have had two coaches during my high school years. One coach for my freshman thru junior years and a new coach this year for my senior year. In my opinion, my previous coach focused most of her time and instruction on the varsity runners only and did not encourage or instruct the JV runners to help them improve. …show more content…

The fastest runner on the team made captain when I felt that I deserved to be considered for that position. Due to the fact that I have been running for years and the girl that was chosen had only ran for 2 years. I felt that my seniority should of put me in the position to be considered for that. This is how it has been in periculos years, it has always been based on seniority. I had to learn to be humble and realize that the runner that was chosen for captain was chosen for a reason, and maybe I wasn’t the best candidate for that position. This year there has been unexpected changes to the coaching staff, and that left a lot of uncertainty. I didn’t know what type of coach he would be and I didn’t want to continue if he coaching was similar to my precious coach. He focus on every individual runner, he encourages everybody and always has a team plan. I feel that everybody matters. So I decided to give him a chance, and it was ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the end my hard work paid off as he offered me the position of a JV captain. Naturally I

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