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The class trip to the museum seemed boring, but it actually proved to be one of the best adventures of my life. We strolled through several floors seeing tons of majestic statues, old books, and ancient paintings. Interestingly, loads of caution tape covered the entrance to the basement floor. So putting our brilliant minds together, my friends and I slipped right through the caution tape looking for adventure. We detected nothing important except countless cobwebs, and a massive, oval structure covered with a white cloth. Torn up with curiosity, we quickly approached it and pulled the cloth off. No one could quite determine its purpose, until a plaque lying on the bottom of it read, “Time Portal, Go Beyond What Time Allows.” A power switch sat beside it, so we turned it on. Bright flashes of light started to appear in the oval’s empty inside. Amazement ran through our bodies! Interested, Austin reached out his hand to touch the light. ZAP! Austin received a small amount of electric shock. As we tried to make sense of the situation, we agreed to let our adventurous spirit take over and lead us through the portal. We sprinted in unison toward the portal, eventually taking the leap of faith… ZAP! I woke up lying on the ground. I slowly gathered myself together and eased to my feet. It felt like the fall time of the year. The sun just crept its face above the surface. As soon as I started to enjoy the scenery, the bushes began to shake. I quickly wake my friends, as a
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