Personal Narrative: Run For The Fall

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It started when i was three years old, I lived in Copperas Cove, Texas. My dad had my older brother, Trevor 3 years before I was born. Dad and my mother had divorced so it was just my dad and me for a couple of years. We were best friends and did everything together. I was his favorite person in the world. He met Alison when I was three-years-old she was super nice and took me under her wing, we turned into a trio, but my dad and I always had our special bond. In the spring of 2006 my dad found out he would be deploying to Iraq for his second time. He had deployed for a year when I was a baby, too early to remember. My dad and Alison had made the plan for her to move back to Maine while he was deployed, and I was going to stay with my Aunt…show more content…
My step-mom put all my dad's life insurance money in there she did not have a job at the time due to her recently having my younger brother Gabriel. That was hard for the family around that time but we pulled through. Ever since my dad died we have always attended run for the fallen. Run for the fallen is an event where people will run 5k i believe for all the fallen soldiers of Maine, then we would have a very nice cookout afterwards for all the families and runners. The first year we met former president George Senior Bush then George W Bush the next year. We’ve attended each year since but run for the fallen is not the same anymore, it is ran by different people and they make it more about the money than anything else and not the families of the fallen soldiers. But this past year while we were at the event, we had a house fire. We lost everything in our house and that was one of those moments that are most hard without a father. Though i have my stepfather, Derick, it just is not the same without my real dad. Though i do not remember almost anything about my dad's death, what happened after for a while or even him, i can definitely tell you what it is like without a father in my present day and past experiences when it could have helped most to have him around. In the past, i have found reports of what people said and thought about him before he died. Most people say he was a very funny guy and made light out of almost any situation. It made me happy to hear this about him because in the few memories i do have of him, he was always super loving and nice to me as i was his only
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