Personal Narrative : Running Is My Life

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Running Naritive Running is my life….. I depend on it. It all started when I was little about the age when I could start walking/running. I am a very competitive person give me the opportunity to win or try to win against my brother I am in! So I would race against him all the time and I would win. My parents thought nothing about it until at a party. My cousins and I were running around and playing and one of my oldest cosines Darik. Darik was a cross country runner who normally got first place every time. But when he went to state his heart stopped in the middle of it. To this day he is on a heart monitor to keep in alive. But he told my parents that I was fast. They just talked to me about it. Then as I got older I did something about it. Now that I was older I did something like run. My dad and I planned everything out and put thing into play. For the first time I ran a full mile at the time of about ten minutes. By the time I was done, I was wheezing. My dad told me, “that I look like I was about to die but I looked like a pro while running” “I highly doubt it” I replied Then I gradually got better and better. My dad and I were looking for something to compete in to see how good I was for my age. Then we found something called Little Olympics. It basically a track meet for little kids. I started about in fourth grade summer I did the mile, softball trough and 200 meter dash. When I got to the time I did the mile I got so scared I started to cry. Then the gun fired and

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