Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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'It is a cold, dark, night. I just got off of work, late once again. I’m supposed to get off of work at six thirty , tonight I got off at nine thirty. Therefor, I now have to walk in the dark by myself in the worst part of town. Of course this is happens to be the shortest way. I start to near the park. The dim lighting and buzzing of the cheap lightbulbs struggling to stay on, gives an eerie feeling. The wind howling doesn't make it any better. Also mentioning the fact that it brings the horrid stench of the sushi shack, or rotting fish. It makes me want to puke. I pull my hoodie up to protect my ears from the wind. I keep walking at a brisk pace, I want to get out of here. As I am walking I hear faint foot steps.They are quiet but quick.

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