Personal Narrative: Stick It

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Stick it My head was going crazy, I could barely think straight.I was off to a great start. I has stuck all my landings and I just need one more Tumbling pass to go, and if I had stuck it then I would qualify to Nationals. My brain was rushing super fast that it felt like I was off the floor. From a distance I saw my mom yelling, “You got this honey!” “C’mon Scar!” Coach Stephen screamed clutching his hands to his chest. Then my heart was beating more than 20 miles per hour. I went off to do my last tumbling pass, I did a roundoff back-handspring layout-full. In my head i was saying “C’mon stick it!” Then when I finally hit the floor, my feet gently met one another and the floor, my feet did not move one inch . I did not believe it, I had
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