Personal Narrative: The Way I Run

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Since Ii was a little girl Ii liked to run. My grandma told me that she would always buy me dolls but Ii never played with them. I always wanted to go play outside with my cousins, always active. My sophomore year in high school, a friend told me to join the track team, she told me that if i didn't like it, to quit. On the first day of practice i was exhausted , i told myself Ii would never do this again, but i never stopped going for some reason. I remember walking down the hallways after school and seeing people run back and forth, doing drills that i never imagined myself doing. The way i saw the others perform was inspiring, from people sprinting, to long distance running, to throwing to hurdling. I would always think to myself, “how …show more content…

At some point i was ready to give up, i didn't want to show up to practice anymore. But when i saw Tiara run at the track meet, winning third place out of the 100 girls running the same event i was amazed. I knew i wanted to be just like her someday, she was the fastest on the team and many colleges wanted her, she was the perfect example. So i practiced with her even out of season we would be the only two practicing in the hallways after school. I knew that i couldn't be as fast as her by the next day, i knew it took time. When outdoor track rolled around coach told me that i’d make a great 400m runner and i told her that i couldn't do it but she made me do it anyway, as a relay team we won first place and i was able to pass the girl right next to me. My heart beating was the only thing i heard while i was running and my teammates cheering me on. That was one of my most proud moments because i thought that i couldn't do it but i did it and i did a pretty good job. Track changed me in a good way, on track meets on saturdays i have to wake up at 6am to get to the bus, since i practice after school i have to make time to do my homework and time for my personal life, track meets faster school i end up coming back home sometimes at 9pm, i make sure i have of my school work done. It's all about time management. Track made me a better

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