Personal Narrative-Worthy Class

Satisfactory Essays
For starters, I expected this class to be really easy. I expected an easy A. I thought that because I was already a good writer I wouldn't need to try as hard. Fortunately, the difficulty level wasn't too harsh but not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. So this semester wasn't a complete breeze. I have learned how to correctly use punctuation, to cite chow to formulate proper sentences, how correctly, and how to produce A worthy college papers. The most helpful lessons were pesky punctuation, the lesson about citing and the lesson about online resources for editing papers. My triumphs included: learning how to properly use commas and how to cite properly. I'm the proudest of my improvement with punctuation ( the overuse of commas was a struggle prior to taking this course).…show more content…
Not taking this class as seriously as I should have and not being able to properly juggle school and work all kept me from completing assignments on
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