Personal Reflection Of My Baseball : My Life Of Baseball

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When I was younger I was brought up watching the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Brewers. My father would watch with much enthusiasm, yelling and complaining about a lack of effort that caused an error on the baseball diamond. Football was always fun to watch and act out. I would run around outside dipping and dodging my brothers just like the football players on TV. However baseball was where my natural talent and passion fell. I grew intensely intrigued with the game. While most kids my age 7 or 8 were all in their room trying to be the best runescape player I would spend hours on end playing outside playing in the dirt with a ball and a bat. My house had an oversized back yard, with a big red shed. That big red shed was the backstop of my diamond I didn't use bases. I used whatever was lying around, gloves, garbage bags, or my shoes, usually the shirt I was wearing that day would on up being first base. Most days I would play in my bare feet. There was something about the sharp grass and sand grinding in between my toes that would make me want to play even harder and run even faster. That back yard was where I lived, I thrived there, just like in the movie “The Sandlot”. The difference was that I played with one player instead of 9. My favorite part of the sport was probably the baseball itself, a perfect sphere with bright red threads that controlled where it was going to go. My typical summer day would consist of waking up and running outside, and

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