Personal Reflection on Young Goodman Brown by Nathanial Hawthrone

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The story “ Young Goodman Brown” by author Nathanial Hawthrone begins, with a sense of agony or fear right before the departure of Faith’s husband Goodman Brown. It became a little suspenseful as the theme became more climaxed and mission just before Goodman proceeded into the forest. However, before entering the forest I felt sympathy for Goodman as the reader. It almost seemed as if Goodman just wanted to continue being holy and stay on his start and narrow path to Christ. As a reader, I could tell Goodman wanted to commit no sins, however, how common are promises made to our savers that this will be are last sin?
I congratulate the author, Nathanial Hawthorne for his genuine job of describing the forest. While reading the story, I actually got a visual idea of how the forest may look. While reading the tale I visualized a forest that is uncivilized, with darkness surrounding, and a personality of pain, struggle, and misery that would be unsociable abnormal. Just before Goodman enters the forest he meets a figure, which is very familiar to him, with the exception of a snaked staff. Right after, the author does a wonderful job foreshowing the story. “There may be devilish Indian behind every tree…. What if the devil himself should be at my very elbow” (Nathaniel, Hawthrone pg.326). With the Brown making this accusation it opened my mind for several ideas that might take place during the story. One being, is Goodman Brown going to confront evil face to face,…

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