Personal Statement : Becoming A Physician Assistant

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“Everything happens for a reason;” a quote that is told to people as a way to ease the discomfort of an uncomfortable situation. Although the phrase is vague and cliché I have often found solace in it during my pursuit of becoming a physician assistant. The first instance where it was of great relevance was the day that I had lost one of my closest friends at the time to an undiagnosed case of appendicitis that ruptured. I was in sixth grade at the time and this experience encouraged me to mature and pursue life with a purpose. As I entered high school I used this tragedy to excel both academically and as a person. Upon entering college I knew that I wanted to enter the healthcare field but it wasn’t until several learning experiences later I realized that becoming a physician assistant would allow me to provide care in a way that best fit my personality and goals for a career in medicine. During the first week of my undergraduate shadowing career I had an experience that dramatically shaped my ideology of what it meant to work in healthcare. I was shadowing a physician at Medina Community Hospice Care as well as the nurse practitioner that worked with him. Most mornings started with the medical team reviewing the patient charts and discussing the events that had happened during the night. It was an atmosphere where the passing of an individual was marked not as a tragedy, but a beautiful occurrence that was characterized by a wide range of emotions. These were truly
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