Personal Statement : Mr. Hall

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Mr. Hall is buying up missile-silo sites and building them out with high-end luxury condos, designed to survive a nuclear attack. Condos include a range of amenities such as a spa, a hydroponic garden and a 5-year supply of food. The units are sold as second or emergency homes, priced from $1.5M to $3M each and buyers have typically been high wealth individuals such as doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs. Mr. Hall is meeting the needs of customers who have fears about terrorism, pandemics and the financial crisis and who have the means to continue living a life of luxury in one of his condos should the need arise.

At first glance it would appear that Smith would deem this to be a moral business because it is the manifestation of ambition and success; the ability to purchase a luxurious home (the palace) that is beautiful and yet has utility. The units have 9’ ceilings, faux sunlight and windows, and can be equipped with fireplaces. At the same time they are fit for their purpose, having stored food, functioning gardens and aquaculture, multiple energy sources etc. In all these ways, the condos could be seen as valuable by the spectator. On the other hand, these units appeal to those who are fearful enough to believe they will need this type of housing and in that way they are extreme. Although Smith was in favor of mobility, he was a centrist at heart and did not believe that extremes like this would be acceptable to the spectator. Overall, morality is determined

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