Personal Statement : My Childhood

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PERSONAL STATEMENT by, Aby Tomy From my childhood itself, the interest that I developed towards sciences, especially chemistry influenced me to consider a chemistry-based degree to pursue my profession. Also, I dreamed about working in the medical field since my parents both worked in the same medical field. When i was small, my mother used to carry me to the Hospital where she worked. I loved the caring attitude of the Hospital’s staff members. My frequent visits to the Hospital made me Hospital-borne. So, i dreamed to be part of the health-care providers.
On my vacations and leisure times, I used to visit the near-by pharmacy ran by my uncle. He was the one who suggested me to consider pharmacy as one of my career options. I began to serve as a volunteer in the pharmacy to check if pharmacy was the right choice for me. Even though my uncle didn’t let me work with drugs and other medications, he asked me to help him with shelving and stocking of drugs. Moreover, I was exposed to the typical pharmacy environment which gave me a rough idea of how a pharmacy works. I continually observed the power and pressure of working as a pharmacist and regarded representing a pharmacy as pride. While working as a volunteer in the pharmacy, I was responsible for stock rotation, arranging the Over the Counter (O.T.C) drugs and delivery pick-up. Slowly I grew mature and realized the

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