Personal Statement On The Volunteer Coordinator Essay

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There was is no interview process. However, there was a 22-page application. I was told to complete the application and return it with a copy of my driver’s license, two non-family references. Skills I have that can be utilized in this position are my able to relate to children, my keen desire to work children, my willing to learn, my enthusiasm, tact, patience and a sense of humor. Skills I wish you to use more are my problem-solving skills, my literacy and numeracy skills. During orientation the volunteer coordinator, Abigail Linville talked about the organizations policies and why they exist and are enforced. The orientation consisted of issues concerning safety of volunteers, children and staff; sexual harassment; and inappropriate actions with children. She also spoke on personal and potential tender situation that had occurred such as sexual misconduct and the physical handling of children. I did notice the orientation, there was no mention of different cultures. We were informed about what the children were allowed to watch and the computer and what they were not allowed to watch. Concerning discipline actions and speaking with children concerning certain actions we were informed to speak with them on inappropriate actions, however, put children in contact with a counselor with further actions or higher level actions are needed. They also promoted organic eating. I learned during the orientation there will always be more to companies then I know from just

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