Personality Is Defined As The Combination Of Characteristics

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Personality is defined as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. The study of personality has a broad and varied history in psychology with an abundance of theoretical traditions. The major theories include dispositional (trait) perspective, psychodynamic, humanistic, biological, behaviorist, evolutionary, and social learning perspective. This paper will be describing the psychodynamic theory and how its approach signifies one’s perspective. The psychodynamic theory was originated by Sigmund Freud in the early 1800’s into the early 19th century from 1856-1939. Sigmund Freud developed the personality theory psychodynamics to determine how one’s personality is developed. It refers to…show more content…
( The Application of psychodynamics is the process toward the appropriate therapy needed for the individual. The goal is to take different approaches but for the same goals in helping a person to improve the negative aspects of their lives. In the article, “Critical Aspects of the Psychodynamics of Substance Abuse and the Evaluation of Their Application to Psychotherapeutic Approach” uses A model of psychotherapy is proposed which integrates psychodynamic theory, AA and other 12-step groups, family therapy, and dual-diagnosis issues into a phase-specific method. (Kaufman, 2009) This process is generally done in three stages and they are: 1) assessment and detoxification, 2) sobriety (abstinence), and 3) wellness (using sobriety as a basis for personal growth). The first barrier to the validity of psychodynamics is the perception that psychodynamic ideas cannot be or have not been empirically validated. However, Freud’s theory approach are still being taught in today’s psychology. It is known that many other theorists have studied Freud’s personality theory psychodynamics and have added to his paradigm. ( I chose this personality theory because it identifies with my perception of my personality from childhood
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