Research Paper On Sylvia Plath

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Sylvia Plath is one of the most controversial American poet during the 20th century. Majority of her poems dealt with depression, anxiety and death. Plath has dealt with many life changing encounterings at a young age, from her father’s dead, attempted suicides, miscarriage, divorce, to Plath actually killing herself. Which severely affected her well being and is what many people characterizes her poetry to be intense and thought provoking. Based on Plath’s biography and analyzing her poetry she is portrayed to have an MBTI personality of INFP which stands for, introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. Overall, Plath’s works is tremendously vigorous and earnest, which influences American Literature and history in today’s world. Some of the few reasons why I chose Sylvia Plath is based on the few quotes that I’ve seen under her name. As I was researching my top five poets, Plath was the only poet that Stood out. My goal was to find a poet who is very eccentric and finding out she had killed herself in an oven was what sparked my decision. As I researched Plath’s history, I would clearly characterize her to have an MBTI personality of INFP. People who have an INFP personality focuses on their primary goal which is finding out their meaning in life and purpose, which shows a connection in Plath’s attempted suicidal thoughts through her poetry and reasons behind Plath killing herself. Sylvia Plath was born during the Great depression,

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