Persuasive Essay About Community Service

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As an 18-year-old tennager, I was forced by my parents to participate a summer volunteer program in my freshman year. Even though I felt that I was a victim of “tyranny” in the beginning, I realized that I actually enjoyed the process of helping people in the middle of the program. Now, I participate that program every year as an active member, and I have gained the personal enrichment that I am unable to learn from other sources such as math club or SAT preparatory class. There is no doubt that community service can bring essential benefits in helping students develop their moral value and future interest, and it should be mandatory because some students attempt to utilize community service as a tool for their own profit without the school supervision. Volunteerism enables students to gain the moral lesson that is vital to their life and develop their future interest. According to source 2, “community service teaches us through experience - about the relationship between empathy and responsibility, about what it takes to be part of a community, in essence, about human being”. While students are helping their community, they learn the crucial moral lessons in the most direct and impressive way. Through an actual experience of volunteering, students are reminded that it is their responsibility to serve for their community because they are a part of it. Helping without any feedback allows them to realize the power of empathy, the essential value that makes the society a

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