Persuasive Essay About Torture

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“Ahhh, please, please stop it! Just make it stop I’ll tell you anything! Please,” Ella screams. She tries telling the attackers the truth but, they don’t believe her. The pain is unbearable so she decides to lie and tell them exactly what they want to hear. Torture is pointless because people will lie in order for the pain to stop and the interrogators have no strategy to know if it is a lie or the truth, it impairs memory, and the interrogators can be torturing people who are truly not involved. For these reasons, torture is ineffective at guaranteeing a truthful confession and should be banned as an information gathering strategy. Numerous people believe that if someone knows information that puts them in a situation of being tortured then, they must deserve it anyway. Others simply believe that everyone has a breaking point where if one does enough to someone, they will end up telling the truth. It can also be viewed that torture is for the greater good. They feel as though the torture and pain of a few people is better than the “possible” murder of innocent civilians (Mackler). Plenty of people are under the impression that those who are tortured do not receive any serious permanent damage. Torturing someone will rarely ever help a situation. People will do whatever it takes in order to not be in pain, it’s natural human instinct. Anyone is capable of lying and saying what they believe the prosecutor wants to hear. The detainees can stall for time through giving false
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