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The issue with one’s personal seclusion coexisting with society’s public safety is that it cannot be transpiring. This controversy is a complex situation because with the extensive amount of cameras and microphones installed throughout everywhere you go, it is almost impossible to not be invasive of one’s privacy. The topic has silently existed for decades, however with technology enhancing at a rapid rate, the discussion has emerged and several writers have decided to explore the matter in depth. In the “The Anonymity Experiment” written by Catherine Price, she tests this idea of total concealment of living “off the radar” for an entire week. She withdrew a week’s worth of cash, purchased an untraceable cell phone, cut off all ties that required a name, address and phone number and proceeded to other numerous amounts of extremes. However, after being anonymous for an entire week, Price soon discovered that “no matter what you do, you’ll never really know if you’re successful at keeping private,” (395). The measures and lengths she went be extreme but have nonetheless been absolutely necessary to achieve complete privacy and she believes she “did a pretty good job” (395). Aside from Price’s perspective of this successful solitude, lawyer and writer Wendy Kaminer communicates a different view of public safety with privacy. Kaminer writes in her article “Trading Liberty for Illusions” that the lack of privacy is all due to when Americans feel “frightened or under siege”

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