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Courage and curiosity often lead a man to success. At age seventeen, a young man was driven by a vision to thrive in a foreign country with little money, a big heart and ambition to become the difference in his family. In Mexican culture, the United States is often idolized and “little Benjy,” was raised believing that he had no other option for survival other than earning dollars instead of pesos. Due to poverty, youth and no high status, Benjamin was not eligible for a VISA in the United States. He sold the only valuable possessions he had to be crossed in the Sonoran desert. Twenty four years later, Benjamin is the owner of a construction company, homeowner of a middle class property, owner of 5 vehicles, and a proud father of five. Despite, his illegal status Benjamin is an honorable worker, he pays his taxes, and is currently in the process of becoming a resident.
Illegally crossing the border was a death wish to many, however, Benjamin was determined to finish what he had begun. When he arrived in Los Angeles he was held captive by “Coyotes” (Illegal traffickers), for 2 weeks until his payment was confirmed by the head of trafficking. Within his imprisonment, he became familiarized with the host of the home in which he was held. It was a couple of old folks who favored him, they treated him as a child and made sure he was kept safe and fed. When he was released they made sure to find him employment in a local restaurant, as a dishwasher.
Benjamins girlfriend was

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