Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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When most people go to the store to buy their day-to-day groceries, cosmetics, and other necessities, they do not consider how those items were manufactured. They pick up their perfume, makeup, dish soap, floor cleaner, yet they never stop to contemplate the countless, defenseless animals that perished due to these products. Human don’t want to consider the horrific background behind their cosmetics and cleaning supplies; they don’t want to face the reality of the situation. But for the millions of animals that are being tested on every year, they can’t ignore the reality, because it’s their reality every day. Animal have been tested on since before the birth of Jesus and the earliest documented cases were performed primarily to study the anatomy of animals. A majority of the animal …show more content…

According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, twelve billion dollars of taxpayer money is spent of funding for animal testing annually (More than $12 billion wasted annually on animal testing in taxpayer money [Infographic]. Retrieved March 25, 2018 from $300,000 was given to Northeastern University to inject hamsters with steroids and force them to fight, $500,000 to University of Utah to induce heart attacks in dogs, and $1.6 million to the Oregon Health and Science University to turn mice and monkeys into alcohols. All three of these experiments were funded by taxpayer money, even though “the controversial nature of government-back animal testing has actually created an unlikely coalition of fiscal conservatives and animal rights activists who usually don’t share common ground. Both sides argue that NIH funding for animal testing should be cut.” (Bastasch, 2013). The national government continues to not only allow companies and universities to perform sadistic tests on animals, but also gives the funding to the companies and

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